Dwight W. Prouty Company serves a diverse client base of industrial manufacturers and power generation facilities. Since 1969 our team has been providing unique solutions to our client base in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, food and pharmaceutical, forest products, mining, military and shipbuilding industries throughout the southeast United States and abroad.

We provide best in class products and manufacturers for analyzers, instruments, and valves to help maximize the return on investment for our clients. Through a continued process of research and discovery our team is always on the lookout for associations with world class suppliers to assist our clients in reaching their goals of process improvement. (NOTE: Some Products are not Available in all Territories)


Foxboro - Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Transmitters

GDS - Area or LEL Monitors for Toxic and Combustible Gases.

Sor, Inc. - Sample Systems


AiTek - Speed Switches and Transmitters

Blancett - Turbine Flow Sensors

Fairchild - I/P, P/I ,Volume Boosters, & Precision Regulators

Flow Lin - Orifice Plates, Flow Nozzles, and Venturis

Foxboro - Pressure, Flow, Temperature, and Level Instruments. IA Control Systems

Hedland - Variable Area FlowMeters

Heise - Digital Pressure Transducers & Precision Test Gauges 

King-Gage - Bubbler Systems, Liquid Level Gaging, and Compressed Air Solutions

Martel - Beta Brand Calibration Equipment

Precision Digital - Digital Panel Meters, Displays, and Control Instrumentation

Reotemp - Pressure Gauges and Sensors. Temperature Gauges and Sensors. Seal System Repairs and Gauge Calibration.

Ronan Engineering - Relay & Solid State Annunciators. Sequential Event Recorders

Ronan Measurements - Non-Contact Level, Interface, Density, and Weighing Systems with Nuclear Sources.

Setex Products - Precision-machined Thermowells, Sample probes, and Protection tubes. 

Smart Sensors Inc. - A Division of SOR Controls Group Thermocouple Elements,  RTD Sensors, And Thermowells.

Sor, Inc. - Pressure, Level, & Tempertaure Products, Dump Valves, And Sample Systems

Turck - Proximity, RFID, Barriers, and Cabling Systems. Bus Communications and IO Products

West - Partlow Recorders, West and Cal Controllers


Asco - RedHat Solenoid Valves, Air Filtration, and Angle Body Valves.

Badger Meter - Low Flow and Specialty Valves

Burling Valve - Pressure Regulating Valves and Related Systems.

Dezurik - Eccentric Plug, AWWA, High Performance Butterfly, Knife Gate, Oport, Vball, Rotary Control, Air Release and Vacuum Valves.

FloTite - Full and Standard Port Ball Valves, Multi Port, Specialty Valves, and Actuators

FlowTek - Full and Standard Port Ball Valve, Multi Port and Specialty Valves

FlowRox - Peristaltic Pumps, Pinch and Slurry Valves, Skid Systems

Qtrco - High Performance Rack and Gear Actuators in Stainless Steel and other materials.

RTI - High Performance Air Filtration and Conditioning

Strahman - Sample, Drain, Specialty Valves and lIne Blinds

Titan Flow Control - Check Valves, Y-Strainers, Basket Strainers,  & Duplex Strainers

Topworx - GO Limit Switches. Valve Switch Boxes with As-I, DeviceNet, Profibus, and Foundation FieldBus

VAC - High Performance Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Positioners

Westlock - Limit Switches, Valve Switch Boxes with As-I, DeviceNet, Profibus, and Foundation FieldBus