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February 4, 2017

Sor, Inc selects Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc. as Exclusive Representative

Sor, Inc. has renewed their exclusive relationship with Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc as their exclusive representative in Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, and Southern Mississippi.

Dwight W. Prouty became the first representative for SOR in 1969. His company served as an exclusive representative until shortly after his passing a little over 5 years ago. SOR and Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc. are both extremely pleased to reenter into an exclusive relationship..

December 22, 2016

Ham-Let and Dwight W. Prouty Co. join forces.

Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc. is pleased to announce our new relationship with Ham-Let Advanced Control Technology. Ham-Let is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings applicable for process control and high purity industries.

May 31, 2016

Dwight W. Prouty Company Partners with Precision Digital Corporation

Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc. is pleased to announce  the renewal of  a distributor relationship with Precision Digital. Precision Digital manufactures a line of digital display and instrumentation used in many industrial settings worldwide. Founded in 1974, Precision Digital uses its expertise and experience to design reliable products that can perform in challenging environments, such as hazardous area and exposure to severe outdoors elements. More Information about Precision Digital is available at

May 17, 2016


DeZURIK has released a new Valve Selection Guide, designed to assist users with the valve selection process. The guide helps users navigate DeZURIK’s complete valve product line, based on valve type, general specifications, common media and applications by industry. Specific industry applications included in the guide are for Pulp & Paper; Mining & Minerals Processing; Chemical & Petrochemical; Water & Wastewater; Power & Hydropower; and Food & Beverage.  The guide’s selection chart uses color-coded ratings to categorize each valvalve selection guideve style’s general usage in a particular application: Not Used, Limited Application, May Be Used, Typical Application and Maximum Performance. The chart considers both cost and performance factors for a specific application when determining its rating. A PDF is also viewable at Dezurik's WebSite on the Bulletins page under the “Valve Selection Guides & General Information.”


December 13, 2013

INVENSYS Releases New Pressure Transmitter Technology



Foxboro I/A Series® Pressure Transmitters Models IGP10S and IAP10S


Invensys has released the Foxboro I/A Series Pressure S Series Models IAP10S and IGP10S transmitters are intelligent, two-wire transmitters that provide precise, reliable measurement of absolute or gauge pressure, and transmit a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.


Product overview:

The Foxboro I/A Series System Pressure IAP10S and IGP10S Transmitters are smart transmitters that provide precise, reliable, measurement of

absolute and gauge pressure and feature high performance and excellent stability. The new Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters reduce inventory costs with a wide range of applications that traditionally require multiple separate transmitters; increase accuracy with the Foxboro patented multiple calibration technology and enables customers to accurately track time in service, which allows for predictive maintenance.


Key capabilities:

  • ·                   Industry Leading 400:1 Turndown - Excellent performance is maintained over an industry leading wide turndown range, meaning that an IAP10S/IGP10S transmitter performs better than multiple separate transmitters designed to cover the same turndown range and reduceinventory.
    • ·                   Foxboro Patented Multiple Calibration Technology - The Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters offer a unique patented multiple calibration technology feature that eliminates the need for a traditional single span calibration at application-specific pressure ranges. The multiple calibration technology feature enables multiple (11) calibrated ranges to be stored in the onboard memory and are preset in the factory and cover the full pressure range of the transmitter. During operation, a real-time seamless transition from one calibrated range to another maintains accuracy as a percent of reading from 3% to 100% of the upper range limit(URL).
      • ·                   Time in Service Features for Advanced Diagnostics - The Time in Service meter tracks both the total number of days the transmitter has been powered up in the field over its lifetime (total days), and also tracks the number of days the transmitter has been powered up since the last Time in Service meter reset (user days), which allows clients to better track reliability. The user days value can be reset to zero using a HART communicator, a PC-based configurator, or the optional local indicator. However, the lifetime service parameter cannot be reset .
      • ·                   LCD indicator with on-board pushbuttons for configuration
      • ·                   Industry leading5-yearstandardwarranty


Where can I see more?

For more information about the new Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters, please visit and download the IAP10S and IGP10S datasheet.

December 13, 2013

Invensys Releases New Foxboro Eckardt LevelWave Radar Series

-- New radar meters improve operator efficiency; save cost, time and resources --

DECEMBER 03, 2013 /LONDON - Invensys, a leading supplier of state-of-the-art industrial software, systems and control equipment to the world’s major industries, has introduced its Foxboro Eckardt™ LevelWave Radar Series measurement solution for liquids, including corrosive, sticky or difficult media.


“The Foxboro Eckardt LevelWave Series enables us to offer our customers wider capabilities for level measurement with the same peace of mind, quality and accuracy they have come to expect from Invensys,” said Roger Ingemey, general manager of Invensys Foxboro Eckardt. “We have more than 50 years’ expertise in level measurement and a well-deserved reputation for excellence, based on our experience, innovation and extraordinary quality. Every Foxboro Eckardt device is rigorously tested before leaving the factory. With its unique, modular design, the LevelWave Radar Series measurement solution guarantees easy and fast field installation, and each device will consistently provide accurate and stable measurement performance across a wide range of installations and applications.”


The LevelWave Radar Series is state-of-the-art measurement technology combined with robust, durable and reliable instrumentation. Each device has a unique 360-degree rotation, which allows for side or top mounting as standard, making it much simpler to fit into an existing space. For greater ease, all LevelWave instruments feature a user-friendly external display, offering easy, intuitive configuration for a new operator. For further effortless operation for busy engineers, there is an option for full digital remote electronics up to a distance of 100 meters.


The new measurement solution is excellent for a wide range of applications, including blending; distillation tanks; process tanks and separators; solid silos and storage tanks for most liquids; pastes; foam; and corrosive media. This makes the new LevelWave Radar Series a great addition to the company’s existing level measurement portfolio and an ideal solution across many industries.


“In a world where time is money, when choosing which device to purchase, it is important to know how easy it will integrate into an existing system and how long it will take to install,” Ingemey said. “The LevelWave Series has a unique modular design—a simple click-in system—so installation really couldn’t be easier. This enables process operators and installers to move onto the next job more quickly; it makes ongoing maintenance much simpler; and its easy head removal reduces process downtime.”  


To learn more about new Foxboro Eckardt LevelWave Radar Series solutions, please visit To learn more about Foxboro Eckardt Level Measurement solutions, please visit

November 8, 2013

Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc. Announces Partnership with Weber Sensors.



Weber Sensors and Dwight W. Prouty Co., Inc. announce a new relationship to promote the family of Weber Products.  Weber Sensors is  a 50-year-old German manufacturer of flow products based on the calorimetric principle of operation.  They offer flow devices and hot metal detectors along with other types of sensor products. Their Captor Series of products are well known in industries such as Steel, Pharma, food, automotive and aircraft.

February 4, 2013

Dwight W. Prouty Co. announces King Gage

Dwight W. Prouty Company is pleased to announce its joining with King Gage as a representative in our existing territories. Established in 1937, King Gage supplies equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, personal care, and chemical sectors and specializes in the marine industry all around the world.

King  offers components for new installations, upgrades, and retrofit applications on electronic pressure transmitters and sanitary level sensors and other storage or processing vessels. King-Gage continues its commitment to engineering and development for the next generation of products.

February 4, 2013

Dwight W. Prouty Co. Announces Burling Valve


Dwight W. Prouty Company is pleased to announce an association with the world class Burling Pressure Regulator Valve line in the areas of Alabama, Mississippi, and West Florida. The Burling Family has been providing regulator and control valve manufacturing for more than 70 years starting in the 1890s.

Burling Valve key features include:

-In-line Maintenance

-100% US Manufactured

-Highest CV’s

Burling Valve strives to produce the best Regulator products in the market and to be the benchmark by which all others are measured.

July 9, 2012

DeZurik, Inc. to Aquire Hilton Valve, Inc.

DeZURIK, Inc., a global leader in municipal and industrial valves, has reached a definitive agreement to acquire HILTON Valve, Inc, a leading producer of fabricated large diameter and custom knife gate valves, effective July 9, 2012. The combining of HILTON products and operations with those of DeZURIK creates one of the broadest knife gate and engineered valve companies in the industry.

DeZURIK will acquire all HILTON products and production capability while HILTON operations will remain in their Redmond, Washington facility which includes engineering and manufacturing to produce valves up to 144” in diameter. The HILTON name will be retained as a brand of DeZURIK, Inc. Consolidated sales activity will be coordinated between DeZURIK and HILTON with continuing product technical and project engineering support provided by HILTON.

DeZURIK, Inc., headquartered in Sartell, Minnesota, is a market leading industrial valve manufacturer, with its valve products being used by customers on an international basis.  Granite Equity Partners, a local private investment firm that governs and grows companies in Greater Minnesota, is the majority owner of DeZURIK, Inc. More information about the company is available from DeZUIRK, Inc.; 250 Riverside Avenue North, Sartell, MN  56377, Phone 320-259-2000,  Information about HILTON is available at